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Virtual Set Studio

Virtual Sets is the art of creating the desired environment for sales and training to thrive.

Kera-On-SetIs your company a good candidate for a virtual set?

  • A good candidate for using a virtual set has a on camera spokesperson.
  • It’s great for creating a central focus point in the video
  • It allows you to create a big budget look without the expense.
  • It allows you to embed your logo or company look into the background to present their brand.
  • It allows you to interact with videos, charts or illustrations

corporate_virtualAny one of these items would be a good reason to check into making use of virtual sets. Any one of our sets can certainly be custom designed for you or your company to provide a look of professionalism and reliability that you just simply would not want to have built.

Your company spokesperson will be recorded in our chroma key studio. This is a green set that is later replaced with your custom set. Lighting effects contained in the scene are going to be adjusted in the computer to add realism. All virtual sets are built in the computer and customized in Lightwave 3d. Other programs such as After Effects give us the keying solutions to make your set come alive.


Why Consider A Virtual Set?

Virtual Sets

• No need to invest in building  an expensive set
• It presents a professional image
• It’s easy to change environment
• Puts your project on a faster track
• Allows the use of “on-camera talent”

• Attracts and holds the viewers attention
• Adds to your story
• Stand out from the other talking heads
• Allows you to appear to go anywhere
•Works seamlessly with photos or video

Call Allied Video Services for a free consultation today.

Virtual sets can be a great asset in your next production.

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