Social Media Posting

Reap the Benefits of Social Sharing

How to increase the chances of your content getting shared Social sharing is an excellent way to make sure that your content has exposure to audiences you may not have had access to, and could build your business far faster than ever before. What’s more, it’s very easy to set up and implement! Several awesome reasons why you need your content shared! In case you weren’t aware of it, we each spend an average of 37 minutes of each day on social media, which eclipses even email. Furthermore, some 60 percent of that activity occurs on a mobile device! Most people would rather learn about a company through online recommendations. This type of social proof makes it a lot easier for prospective customers to begin the process of know, like and trust with you. And last and surely not least, the incredible reach of social media can benefit your brand in ways you can’t even imagine. 4 Tips for ramping up the social sharing! Give them the tools to share your content! – Ensuring that your content is fully sharable by providing working, easy to see and use social sharing options goes without saying. One thing to do to help them to click these though, is to make sure you include a strong call to action within the content itself! Seek out relevant social media groups – Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and some of the other social media sites have rather large groups of enthusiasts in almost every conceivable niche. Find these and join the ones that appear to be most relevant to your business. This can be a virtual goldmine! The shorter the better – Kissmetrics tells us that Facebook posts smaller than 80 characters are acted on a full 66 percent more than those that run longer. Save the longer content for the blog, and don’t forget that call to action! Use lots of images and videos – This is the visual era, and visual content is being shared a significant 40 percent more than that which has no imagery. Make your visuals stunning, provocative and of course sharable. This is often a difference maker!


The Future of Content – Microcontent?

Why Microcontent Matters! Today’s content marketing strategies are multi-lingual: they speak in many different mediums. Long form content remains important, visual content is gaining ground rapidly and microcontent is fast claiming a place at the table. Microcontent? What the heck is that? Microcontent can be explained as a bite-sized content blurb, aimed typically at one specific topic and limited in scope. A major factor in the growth of microcontent is the global shift to mobile devices. Nobody is eager to tackle large blocks of text on a phone, as it’s too difficult to do. Mobile content is shorter, to the point, and very often visual, or at least has a visual component. And with predictions of 80 percent of traffic from mobile devices in the next few years, it’s time for you to get a handle on how to access that audience! Here’s some tips to use microcontent in your business! One way you might already be using microcontent is to post a status update on Facebook leading back to your blog. Make an image or meme which includes a quote from your post and post it to the photo sharing sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. Use Vine or Instagram to make a short (in the case of Vine; 6 seconds!) pithy video and direct viewers to your page. Create copy that readers can easily retweet! Incorporate calls to action in your microcontent. Click here to learn more, etc. Curating bits of content that your readers will find useful from other sites can do many things for you. It helps establish your authority, satisfies your audience, and is quite simple to accomplish. Be consistent in your microcontent strategy. A frequent digest of tips and tricks for your market is something that can get shared far and wide. Make copious use of images and videos; because it’s what people want to see, especially in the short form! Above all make it sharable, and multiply the reach of your content many times over!


7 Hot tips for Location Based Marketing

Use These 7 Tips to Profit from Location Based Marketing Location based marketing services including FourSquare, Yelp and others have combined with mobile devices to seriously change the way your customer finds and interacts with your business. The amount of information and trust that these sites provide has given consumers a real help when choosing where to shop, eat or go. How can you as a small business owner make use of location based marketing in your business? Here are 7 tips to help you profit from location based marketing! Ensure that your local listings are correct – It should go without saying, but it doesn’t, so here goes. Ensure that your listings in Google+ Local, Yelp, FourSquare and any other service or listings you have are correct with regards to name, address, phone, maps and anything else you would like to convey. Make sure your website is mobile responsive – Some 50 percent of all local searches are emanating forma mobile device, so it’s imperative that your site renders well in a mobile browser. Pushing  and pulling – There are two ways to reach consumers: you can push ads out to those who are in your neighborhood, as well as being available to those who are wanting to discover someone like you where they are! Get local reviews – 90 percent of consumers based their shopping decisions on reviews, so it would behoove you to stimulate (and perhaps incentivize!) your satisfied customers to leave a review, either on Facebook, Yelp or your Google+ page. Offer incentives – This is an fantastic way to leapfrog the competition when the choices aren’t so clear-cut. Be responsive to reviews and social media – Don’t forget to keep up with your social media, especially reviews. People notice! Offer deals for Mobile wallets – Here’s a new one: offer deals to consumers who are choosing to use their mobile wallets, such as through Google Wallet, Passbook or others. You will most likely skin your competition with this one!