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Training Presentations


Training presentation videos are the most effective medium there is for training and instructing your employees in a clear and easy to follow way.

For over 30 years, AVS Marketing Solutions through its parent company Allied Video Services has designed and produced many training and orientation programs for companies both large and small.


Dollarphotoclub_46773126-(1)Many of our valued clients find out that a relevant training presentation can provide them with consistency and structure as part of their ongoing educational programs. They also report an excellent increase when it comes to attention, comprehension and understanding. This is due to the training videos being specifically designed to hold the viewers attention by using demonstrations, on site explanations and hands-on examples, to transfer the information in an interesting way.

For example Great Lakes Dredge and Dock company has found that using training videos for their safety program ideal. Their videos feature a virtual set as a ventral point for the spokesperson and they have completed training videos in several areas including office safety, survey safety, beach work-site safety, visitor safety and Dredge safety. These various productions are in use all over the world every day and have been translated into several languages.

Check out our some of our satisfied clients below and listen to what they have to say about how well training videos worked for their company.

Great Lakes Safety Director on Using Video For Training

R.T.O Successfully Launches Tax Service Using Video Training

Sysco Foods of Hampton Roads Finds Value in Video Orientation

Let training video productions from AVS Marketing Solutions help you prepare your employees today.

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