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Sales Presentations

We have a full range of video production services available to create a powerful corporate sales presentation for your company.

Corporate Video Sales Presentation Services from Allied Video Services:



Creating the right concept for your production is critical to its success. Our creative team can help you develop a concept that speaks to your prospects and carries your message in a logical way.


This is a another crucial step. We like to say that if the script isn’t right then nothing else is. It is the framework for the entire sales presentation. Our experienced scriptwriters can work with you to write a script that hits the mark and delivers your message perfectly.



Sometimes a sales presentation makes use of on camera talent to add color or to act as a spokesperson. We can make them shine in our full production studio in Chesapeake. Our studio offers full lighting control and backgrounds.



In your production, your spokesperson should be talking directly to your prospect and in our studio he can using our teleprompter resulting in a professional polished look.


Virtual Sets:

In many cases,  a corporate video presentation needs the right setting to bring everything together. A virtual set is a great vehicle to use to add this professionalism, set a tone and act as a central point for the video. We have a variety of multiple camera sets to choose from as well as the ability to make our own. In addition, with this technology we can put your talent anywhere you want.


White-BalanceHigh Definition in 1920 X 1080 4:2:2 Digital Production:

High definition recording insures that your project will be produced in a crisp clear format that presents you well.


Post Production Editing:

We use Premiere Pro as our state of the art editing platform. We use Premiere Pro along with other tools such as Photoshop and After Effects to give your project that professional look and feel.


White BalanceAnimation:

Sometimes an great animation is the most effective way to make your point. Animations could be a detailed map, a dinosaur, or a rolling ocean like the one that opens our demo tape. No matter what your need we can create an animation to illustrate it.


Music Libraries:

Because you can not copyrighted music in your productions, we have 8 music libraries as well as the ability to compose our own. We can find just the right music to fit your production


Graphic Libraries:

Backgrounds, Overlays, lower thirds, photo libraries, video libraries and more can highlight your production, save on production costs and make all the difference in your sales presentation. We have over 30 years of assets available to make your production sparkle.


Duplication and Upload:

Your sales presentation is mastered to DVD or Blu-ray and duplicated, printed and packaged all in house. We also can format your video and upload it to YouTube or a variety of streaming services

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