How to Craft Your Web Sales Copy with Great Copywriting

Copy makes the Web go round, and good copy will take you from seldom read and acted upon to superstar status in terms of traffic and sales. This truism, along with the fact that Google prizes and rewards great content that readers share can make your content marketing dreams come true.

Being able to craft wonderful copy that moves and sells is a task you absolutely need to get better at, no matter your niche. All of us want and need something for our online business, whether that’s simply more leads, more sales or more clicks. So how do you go about making your copywriting work? Here are 7 copywriting tips that can help you get closer to your goals!

7 Ways to strengthen your copywriting skills

Become a storyteller – Crafting s great story that brings your reader into a universe they are desperate to enter will leave them looking to hear, see or buy more.

Focus on benefits – One crucial mistake beginning copywriters make is to emphasize features over benefits, which is of course bad, as all of us want to know what’s in it for us!

Make it valuable all by itself – If your reader comes away with the feeling that they’ve already received a lot of value simply by reading your content, you’ve got them exactly where you want them.

Use questions to get to Yes – Getting your readers to agree with you puts them in the frame of mind to say Yes, as they’re already doing so by agreeing with you. This will make it a far shorter leap to conversion when the time comes.

Get emotional – Connecting with your readers with emotion is a terrific way to get them on your side. This one is powerful, and if you can learn how to inject emotion in your copywriting, you’ll be able to write your own ticket.

Write longer content – These days the pages that are found on Page One of Google are running over 2,000 words. Longer, in-depth pieces that offer value and insight are what the readers want, and what Google likes to rank well.

Encourage and promote social sharing – There is more opportunity than ever before to have your content reach far beyond your own pages. Encourage and facilitate social sharing, and you’ll reap the benefits.