Learn How Easy It Is to Mess Up Your Landing Pages

Your landing pages are some of the most critical pieces of virtual content you have, and we have to take all measures to make sure that they perform to optimum efficiency. There are several really great ways you can totally screw up your landing pages. No really, it’s very easy! Before you become a victim of this unfortunate happenstance, let’s check out what some of these horrible mistakes are, and how you can avoid them.

Check out and avoid these 6 landing page killers!

Your page takes forever to load – Since it’s been established in study after study that you have around 3 seconds to get your page on before they leave, it’s definitely time to take that seriously, especially with landing pages.  Be sure to check this frequently, to head off any problems.

Design clean, uncluttered landing pages – Strive to keep your landing pages focused. Avoid big blocks of text. Use white space. Don’t cram in whatever you can think of attempting to pry the action out of them. Just deliver clean, simple content focused on one purpose!

Links that lead elsewhere – A big no-no! Including anything other than a link to your desired action will cut conversions drastically. Don’t supply them with a choice by including site nav links, social media buttons, or anything else. If you want another shot at them if they not decide to click your link, use an exit pop.

Too much text – Make sure you think carefully before implementing a long form salesletter on your landing pages. Most of the time, shorter works more effectively.

Asking for too much info – One guaranteed way to get a lot of people to leave is by demanding more information than you really need. Consider what you really need, and test this aspect of your landing page.

Not mobile ready – Closely related to the point above, no one really wants to fill out forms on their phone, so make the mobile version of your landing page as simple and size appropriate as you can. Your conversions will thank you!