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What Google Wants

Many business owners try to do everything they can think of to get on page one. I often get the question,

Dollarphotoclub_44706955web“What does Google want?”

The definition of what Google wants has changed over the years. As search engines develop, they get smarter and that gives them options. These options include rewarding good websites and sand boxing others.

The days of massively throwing back links at websites is over. Those and other black hat techniques are now easily detected and discounted by Google.

So what is it that Google is looking for?

According to Google representative Matt Cutts, Google wants the Grandma Experience.

When someone including Grandma searches for something they want it to be user friendly. They want relevant material to come up about the topic that they are searching for. They want it to come up from a group of websites with good reputations. In this way, they are not feeding Grandma to the wolves and she has a better search experience.

That’s what Google wants.

This is what all the updates have been about. SEO can be a good thing and a powerful thing when practiced correctly. t can also be detrimental if it is misused.

All of the SEO methods we use are “white hat”

Google is the 800 pound gorilla and we want to keep them happy.

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