Solid Advice About Email Frequency to Your Lists

One question that often arises with people just starting out with email marketing is how often you should communicate with your list. This is a question borne from anxiety, as you don’t want to push away the very audience you are trying to cultivate, but at the same time you want to give them the most information you can about you and your products and services.

The truth is there’s not a standard answer. One business may need to communicate a lot more than another, while another might need to send just enough to stay in mind. So let’s take a brief look at a few of the principles you should keep in mind when finding that perfect number for your business.

What you should know about email frequency

Understand first that everyone’s email inbox is a battleground: lots of messages vying for consideration. To stand out from the herd, you have to follow a couple of rules.

The best case scenario for any business is to build a long-term relationship with your email list, one in which you are trusted and your opinions respected. If you can reach this email Nirvana, you’ll have the option to send out sales pitches from time to time and not be perceived as a scummy marketer.

The way to make this occur is by delivering terrific value in your non-sales emails, and be truly interested in giving out the best tips and information you are aware of, to be able to further engender, know, like and trust in them. First and foremost, don’t sell in every email.

As a general rule, if you’re using this advice, it’s possible to mail 2-3 times a week without it being seen as an intrusion. Remember, this changes if you’re not offering value and over-selling.

You’ll quickly get a feel for how much is too much, and not only that, your subscribers will tell you. If you’re ever getting lots of unsubscribes, examine the reasons. If it’s because they’re hearing too often from you, they’ll say so. If the content isn’t relevant, you’ve got other issues to address.