Here’s Some Real World Ways to Market with Instagram

Okay, we all know what Instagram is, but I would bet your next month’s paycheck that we aren’t crystal clear on precisely how we can use it in our marketing.

We may have the (mistaken) notion that all Instagram is suitable for is the posting of endless selfies and memes, even though the truth is that Instagram is a good deal more useful than this.

Let’s consider 7 ways you can market with Instagram

  1. Build a following – One of the easiest ways to do this rapidly is if you already possess a Facebook following. Simply connect the two, and you’ll have a great head start. You should also begin to follow people and brands you admire on Instagram, and engage using hashtags.
  2. Use Instagram video – Becoming more and more popular, Instagram followed Vine to the show, but more than doubled the length of the videos, 15 seconds to Vine’s 6. There’s a lot you can share, and while the time constraint might seem limiting, it can actually help you be more creative and unique.
  3. Create a killer profile – Your Instagram profile is a great opportunity to introduce more and more people to your brand. Be sure to have current and interesting information readily available for people to follow.
  4. Networking on Instagram – Start immediately following brands and people, using hashtags that make sense for your brand, and be certain to engage with people.
  5. Get your creative on – Use this opportunity to inject a major dose of creativity, and dare I say, fun into your brand. Although you have to take care to not go overboard with this, it never hurts to portray your company with a more human face.
  6. Use Instagram to tell your brand story – By regularly posting images and videos, you can tell the story of what your brand is about, and giving a human face to the company logo and name.
  7. Instagram is an excellent tool for announcements and news – Use Instagram to introduce new products, profile key personnel, and deliver your customers a shout-out about what’s on its way that they need to be aware of.

Instagram is growing dramatically right now, and with their acquisition by Facebook, they will be popular for quite a while to come. Just remember to limit the number of selfies, okay?